A Lazy Way To Make Her Crave Sex TONIGHT


For Guys: A Lazy Way To Make Her Crave Sex TONIGHT

When it comes to getting a woman in the mood, most guys are doing everything wrong.

It's not about the approach.

It's about the "thinking" (i.e. "the philosophy") that DRIVES THE APPROACH.

Over the past few years, I've been in a situation where hundreds of guys have asked me about the most effective ways to getting a woman sexually aroused.

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So let's discuss how to go about it the right way, because repeating the same mistakes can result in a failed relationship, infidelity, or an overall boring sex life.

Here's what typically happens.

The guy becomes aware that "HE" is in the mood. Then, he makes the decision to ASK HER if she wants to "do it" as if it's an idea.

Of course, this isn't the same as doing Psychologically-Proven Techniques that get her MIND and BODY (biologically prepared) for love-making.

The goal isn't to ask your woman to agree to have sex with you.


Below you will discover ONE (of many) powerful, but simple approaches to getting her in the mood.

Method #1: Make Her Feel Sexy

Making your partner feel "sexy" is very effective for getting her in the mood for sex. It's something that most guys don't understand.

Nothing feels greater to a woman than knowing that "her desirable man" believes she is Sexually Irresistible.

As far as it being an effective tool for love-making, just understand that there is a reason why many women can get aroused just by putting on something sexy and looking in the mirror.

The good news is with a simple compliment and a little creativity, you can accomplish the task of making her feel sexy in a about 12 seconds.

However, you should avoid cliché comments like "You look sexy, today".

It's not WHAT you say, it's the EMOTIONAL IMPACT of what you say...

Although, something like that could do the trick, you can create 25 times the impact by crafting your compliment in a strategic way.

For example, you could say something to the effect of:

"You know what I think is sexy about you? [pause] You have the perfect smile. You care about others. You have the best feet in the world. And you have a sexy energy that's hard to explain. When I think about those things, IT DRIVES ME WILD."

Do you see what just happened?

An "Amazing Sexy Compliment" will include:
- things that she believes (i.e. great smile)- comments about her personality (i.e. creativity)- comments about her non-sexual body parts (i.e. her feet)- something abstract (i.e. sexy energy)- a description of how this affects you (i.e. IT DRIVES ME WILD)

Those 5 ingredients are literally a "Magic Potion" for sexual desire...

You should practice crafting about 5 - 10 of these. Then pick the best one to use on her.

If you get her to blush uncontrollably with the HUGE glowing smile, then you've done it the right way.

So the next time YOU are in the mood, focus on doing "something" that emotionally impacts her. Spend an hour or two making her feel really sexy and special by saying things like this to her. Get yourself in a mindset where you are REALLY MEAN IT...

If you can do something as simple as this, you'll have no trouble understanding the hard-core psychological seduction techniques. "There's a reason why women get extremely horny"

CR James
Author of "Super Seduction Power:
How To Get Her In The Mood Using SSP"